90% of Private Sector companies by number worldwide are SMEs.

60% of formal jobs in developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America are SMEs.

80% of low-income countries economies, mostly in Sub Saharan Africa, are SMEs.

50% of worldwide employment is through SMEs.

What is SME4H?

SME4H is a real-time online community platform that aims to connect everyone going through a humanitarian crisis. If you are an SME in need or can help, a volunteer, or an NGO, you can broadcast your list of needs, find a local crisis to help in, or post your supplies. The platform is created to help connect different parties in a local ecosystem when a humanitarian crisis occurs. If you can see yourself fitting in any category don’t hesitate to let us know!

Collaborate With Us

How the Platform Works

What’s in it for SMEs

  • Technical Support & Related Business Advice

  • Access to Stocks & Supplies

  • Global Networks & Relationships

  • Commercial Opportunities

  • SMEs Consulted & Involved

What’s in it for Humanitarian Agencies and NGOs

  • Technical Support

  • Local Access & Cultural Advice

  • Financial Efficiency

  • Provision Of Volunteers

  • Access to Local Stocks and Supplies

Who would use SME4H

SMEs that need help

SMEs that can provide help

Aid Agencies

Government Agencies

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