What is SME4H?

SME4H is a real-time online community platform that aims to connect everyone going through a humanitarian crisis. If you are an SME in need or can help, a volunteer, or an NGO, you can broadcast your list of needs, find a local crisis to help in, or post your supplies. The platform is created to help connect different parties in a local ecosystem when a humanitarian crisis occurs.
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Do I need to create an account to be able to post my alerts or tenders?

Yes, for you to be able to track your postings and responses. This will also help you track your tenders, reviews, and performance history.

What is required from me to register?

If you are an SME, you will need to provide the following; Company Name, Contact Name, Contact Details – Phone Number and Email Address, Location, Number of Employees, Turnover, Years in Trading, Product/Services Category, Social Media Links, Documents for Business Verification: Proof of Identity – Passport Copy, Business Registration Certificate/Trade License, A Letter of Authorisation signed by a person with authority to appoint the primary user this could be a Director (the letter must be on a proper letterhead), Link to Trip Advisor, ICC Membership, UN Approved Supplier List and/or NGO Approved Supplier List.

If you are a crisis responder, you will need to provide the following; level of operation and location capabilities, organisation name, contact name, contact details and emails, social media links, tender process, specifications for different goods, goods/services usually looking for buying list, documents for organisation verification: proof of identity of focal point– passport copy, business registration certificate/trade license, letter of authorisation signed by a person with authority to appoint the primary user this could be director (the letter must be on a business letterhead).

If you are a volunteer, you will need to provide the following; contact name, contact details – number and email, location, individual or group, if you have access to transportation, social media links (optional), documents for organisation verification: proof of identity – passport copy, provide your skill sets, and language skills.

What happens after I fill out the form? Will I be automatically signed up?

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Where can I find a list of all the NGOs that require help?

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Where does SME4H operate?

The pilot area of the project is taking place in Jordan’s major cities; Amman, Irbid, Zarqa.

What are the regions SME4H cover?

The project is taking place in Jordan’s major cities; Amman, Irbid, and Zarqa.

How do I decide which category do I fall under?

For each category there will be a description on what the category covers and the division usually follows the same segmentation the chamber of e-commerce of the corresponding country. There might be slight changes.

If I don’t belong to an NGO or an SME but I want to help, how can I do so?

You can contribute by either volunteering to help when a crisis occurs, or by donating to an existing campaign by one of the concerned NGO’s/IGOs.

How can I ensure that the alerts are not outdated?

All alerts will be removed once answered and cleared out if it is no longer a crisis. To check out the current alerts near you click here.

Is there a way to update the alert that is already fulfilled?

Alerts are posted to notify all users about current emergencies, the post could be modified to create updates in regards with the alert.

Will I be able to see how close by an SME helping me out is?

The alerts posted will be sorted by the distance of the alert location to your location, so the closer the alert to you the more relevant it will be in the alert search and postings.

Can I post an alert that reaches a certain parameter not an entire region?

Alerts notify the closest registered users to respond and be able to help during a crisis. The further the parameter the more users the alert will reach and notify. The parameter could be adjustable while posting the alert.

If I am not happy with a supplier, can I exclude the supplier on my next alert?

Suppliers receive ratings, if suppliers continue to receive low ratings they will be removed from the platform until further improvements.

Can I donate money instead of volunteering?

SME4H promotes sustainable and resilient cooperation among the concerned stakeholders during crisis. Therefore, financial donations are left outside of the platform to be made directly to the campaigns that are run by relevant NGOs/IGOs.

What is the cost of using the platform?

There is no cost for the website at the moment.

Will the platform suppliers insure the products or services?

This is subject to each supplier and the bid the placed on a specific RFP. SME4H does not take part in the supplier/buyer terms of engagement.

Does the platform secure transportation?

SME4H only connects different entities to each other. Unfortunately, it does not interfere with the process of how supplies reach. This only depends on what you agree on with the supplier.

How does SME4H make money?

The pilot is led by private sector philanthropic support. SME4H will have a fully sustainable model post pilot.

What happens after I fill out the form? Will I be automatically signed up?

Your form will be listed in SME4H database and if you chose to receive news and alerts, SME4H will subscribe you for the same.

How can ensure I am dealing with registered NGOs/SMEs to avoid any legal issues in the future?

For any entity to register with SME4H and become visible to users and other entities, documentations that are only issued through a governmental entity will be required. Therefore, the possibility of dealing with an unregistered entity is zero. We do not tolerate any illegal activities nor entities. In case such violations are encountered, please report as soon as possible.

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